Lewis Hamilton points out that for racing workers Formula One racing has become almost unattainable in its class.

Hamilton told Graham Norton that, in the years since he started playing sports, there are opportunities for drivers not coming from the wealthy environments, “much worse.”

“My father spent just over . 000 pounds, and in the first few years he pledged his apartment several times ” Hamilton said. “But today everything is still significantly more expensive.”

“Very few working-class families can afford it, and racing is reserved for wealthy families. “

I have a friend who was almost in Formula 1 and then was skipped by a rich kid and the hope was over, , “Hamilton added. “So I wish we could go back to basics somehow.” )

The Hamilton family funded his karting career until he gained the support of former McLarn boss Ron Dennis.

“There were times when I came home from school and waited for us to go and then my dad said to me, ‘We have no money this week, maybe we can go next week.’ My dad is a real hero, I’m just the one in the forefront. If my dad didn't do his job and Ron Dennis discovered me when I was old

years, I would be doing something different today. “

Formulation 1 should encourage more talent from less affluent backgrounds than other sports do, Hamilton said.

“I would like to get involved in working with the FIO, which is the governing body, to together we find solutions. It doesn't have to be all that expensive. We have to look after sports such as football, basketball or tennis. “

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