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Jolyon Palmer

2 factors · 1 hour ago

Thats lots of sand.

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2 factors · 33 minutes ago

The banked corner is going to be unreal. It’s been a minute since we’ve had one thing fancy that in System One

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Long-established Poster1 level · 1 hour ago

Here is a judge to the same photography on Imgur

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BMW Sauber

1 level · 35 minutes ago

Yeah they’re doing lots of work there atm. Enjoy elephantine self perception in it being all ready for subsequent year, gonna be an very perfect match!

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Red Bull

1 level · 30 minutes ago

Vast pics. There’s stuff going on there! The muse for the banked corner looks to be taking shape. That technique they’ll pull it up on soil rather then a steel/concrete building.

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