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Completed FIA Formula E Championship in Diriyah (KSA). In the second race on Saturday, Sims celebrated a confident victory from grid position one – the first in his Formula E career. With points) Sims also took the lead in the drivers' Championship. Maximilian Günther (GER) showed a terrific catch-up from ninth on the grid and finished second in the race. Due to a subsequent time penalty, however, he fell back to Honest eleven.

Günther had overtaken two of his competitors too early at the end of a safety car section. But after the end of the race and the podium ceremony he – Seconds penalty occupied and thus remained without points. BMW i Andretti Motorsport takes part in the team ranking Counters rank third

Jens Marquardt (BMW Team Motorsport Director): “What once for a race for BMW i Andretti Motorsport, used to be a win for Alexander Sims. After the pole position on Saturday, we knew that our BMW iFE. as well as our riders are absolutely competitive to the originate up of season 6. That then, however, another pole position and our second victory in Formula E would follow, so that was not expected. Congratulations to Alexander and everyone at BMW i Andretti Motorsport as well as BMW i, the Powertrain Department and BMW Motorsport in Munich – a great team effort. Congratulations also to Maximilian Günther, who despite the penalty can be proud of his performance. He drove a sparkling clean race, but unfortunately has overtaken a bit too early. After the experiences from the preseason we know that the main thing is to confirm our performance in the upcoming races. But today I was just proud when I watched the performance of our team from afar in Fuji. The Formula E is u.s.ein TechLab for the BMW Team. This double success shows how intestine we are here – on and off the track. ”

Roger Griffiths (Team Principal BMW i Andretti Motorsport, Team Ranking: 3rd place): “This is a fantastic success for u.s.alle, because we've done an outstanding team effort – especially after the disappointment we felt after yesterday's race. Alexander has obviously slept intestine and has woken up as a winner. He has adapted excellently to the changed conditions with more grip on the track. He drove a very smart race and the team did a great job tactically. Despite the subsequent penalty also a big compliment to Maximilian, who drove defensive in particular a fantastic race. It's great how he kept Lucas di Grassi behind in spite of Attack Mode. He is still very young, and his time as a race winner in Formula E is sure to come. ”

Alexander Sims (# 21 BMW iFE . 20 Qualifying result: 1st place, race result: 1st place, points: , driver rating: 1st place): “The feeling when I crossed the finish line was indescribable. That was a great label. We had a trouble-free race today and the BMW iFE. really felt fantastic. We learned our lessons from the problems we had yesterday. Many thanks to the team that went through hard times with me last season. We knew after the assessments that we had a strong car, but that it would be so intestine here in Diriyah, we never expected that. You can not plan something like that in such a competitive race series. ”

Maximilian Günther (# 50) BMW iFE. 20, qualifying Result: 9th place, race result: Place, points: 0, driver rating: The Peril at the restart after the safety car section was confusing, and it was hectic. Stoffel Vandoorne has apparently decided at short notice to go to the Attack Zone. I touched him slightly and damaged my entrance. In addition, I was then already next to him, and there was in my view, actually no turning back. The action was unfortunate and I was hoping that it was okay. The race stewards saw it differently. I have to accept this decision. What remains once is the awareness that I drove a strong race and got Mosey to get on the podium. I will build on that later in the season. Congratulations to Alexander on the victory. That is also a huge success for the team. Many thanks to all who made this strong performance possible – both here at the track and at BMW in Munich. ”

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