“Does not affect u.s.gar”: Haas sees budget cap as probability


(Motorsport-Total.com) – From the Formula 1 season The teams are allowed a maximum of an expert year spend millions of US greenback. However, the cost cap is in some ways a sham. Because many expenses, such as the driver's salary, are not covered. As a result, the upper limit will probably not affect several teams

Günther Steiner hopes that the budget cap Haas will help Zoom Download Team Leader Günther Steiner, for example, when asked if Haas is already saving with a laugh: “No, because we did not find any extra money, so we do not have to do anything, because it does not affect usgar.” The joke: Haas would even have to increase his budget to pay attention to million US greenback to come.

Also Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul has already revealed months ago that his team reach millions . For Haas, this is not an option, as Steiner emphasizes. “We stay with the 'modified into' we are very conservative on such things, because the teams that are increasing their budget now will complain if [die Obergrenze] is lowered again,” he explains.

Steiner's hope is clear: the “Let's wait and see the first two years.” From it could then change, “explains the team boss, but who wants to go one step at a time. “Let's see how it works, but I think we should not be too hasty and talk about 'modified into' in the next step,” says Steiner.

“We are still a year away from the first [Jahr mit der Obergrenze],” he recalls. At least he is confident that the field will collapse through the cost cap. “The gap will not increase as a result, the big teams have to restrict themselves a bit, it's a difficult challenge for them,” he explains.

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Because at least the three top teams will affect the upper limit already. “The best part is that they can not increase their budget any further,” says Steiner, explaining: “Otherwise, the gap will be even bigger, and at some point there will be no point in being here – if the gap is two seconds As a large company, you have a budget of Millions and then it lowers by five percent, then that's a lot of money. “

Therefore, Steiner also understand that the driver's fees in the first step do not fall under the cost cap. “If you think about the big companies with the big drivers, then it would not be realistic if [die Fahrer] would fall below the upper limit, too.” “Modified into paying the drivers would not work,” Steiner says

Steiner. “But now, first of all, we have to support this cap and then think about the next steps, to make sure that it can be controlled, that everyone is happy, and that we find the little things that we still need to adjust,” he explains.

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“After that, maybe we can take the next step go, “says Steiner. Where could the top teams compete for Mercedes and Co. so save? Maybe in non-public. As a result, midfield teams like Haas may have the opportunity to woo one or another of the fellowship members. So far no one has knocked, according to Steiner. Günther Steiner

“But of course it's true that people need new jobs if you let them go,” white the Haas team boss. “Maybe they will be paid so well there that they do not need a new job, I do not know,” laughs Steiner. “But the point will come when these people [bei anderen Teams] knock on the door, but it has not happened yet,” he emphasizes.

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