Helmut Marko: Renault misled Ricciard


Red Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko believes that Renault has made unrealistic promises to dismiss Daniel Ricciard, saying that the Australian decided to leave the Red Bull team at the end of last season.

While Daniel Ricciardo was a prime candidate for a good enough Mercedes or Ferrari transfer last season, the Australian racer eventually opted for the French Renault.

Ricciard's former boss Helmut Marko is convinced that Renault has convinced the Australian with unrealistic promises.

“It all worked out a lot differently than Ricciardo probably imagined and wanted. We at Red Bull did everything we could to keep him. We have improved the contract and included most of its requirements. We had a long conversation and it seemed as if we had agreed. I know Renault is very good at persuasion. They also showed us the numbers and graphs of how successful they will be next year. Obviously Ricciardo stranded them. “

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