There has been speculation in the Italian press that Daniel Ricciardo may have taken the seat of Sebastian Vettl at Ferrari in the event of German departure from Maranello.

While Sebastian Vettel is facing a number of problems this season, young Charles Leclerc is increasingly taking the spotlight at Ferrari.

There has already been speculation in the Italian press that, in the wake of growing tensions between Ferrari racers, the unconvinced Sebastian Vettl could be replaced by Renault racer Daniel Ricciardo. Both Vettel and Ricciardo have contracts with their respective teams signed for the upcoming season, and according to Mondosportivo.it, Ricciardo could occupy Vettel's seat in the season 2021, when Charles Leclerc would also formally become the first Maranella team racer.

According to the Italian media, Ferrari and Ricciardo would already have a back-up plan in place if Sebastian Vettel left Maranella for one reason or another.

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