(Motorsport-Total.com) – Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is convinced that a change to Ferrari for Lewis Hamilton would be the wrong career decision: “If I were Lewis, would I stop for another track, “he says in the interview with the 'Day-to-day Mail' .

Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton


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“If Charles Leclerc stays with Ferrari, then I would bet money on him would not prevail against Lewis, not necessarily because he is better, but because he would be the established in the crew, “says Ecclestone.

In addition, the 34 – year old, who was last on site at the Huge Prix of Brazil once again, not convinced that Ha milton and Ferrari fit together: “Ferrari,” says Ecclestone, “is a peculiar workplace. And Lewis does not speak Italian. “

” It can happen that they ally against him. Or that they fall in love with him! But I do not think that he could do such a good job for himself and the sport as at Mercedes. “

Hamilton's Mercedes contract runs to the end On the other hand, there are many signals that the six-time world champion ends his career at Mercedes and then for decades earned good money as a brand ambassador.

Especially since Ferrari must think of the future, and the presumably belongs to the Leclercs (11) and Verstappens (22) of this world as the Vettel (32) and Hamiltons (34). “If Ferrari can decide between Lewis and Max Verstappen, they take Max. For exactly the same reason they like Charles,” Ecclestone says.

” With Sebastian or Lewis they may get a few more years. But with one of the younger ones, they can plan for another ten years. I'm not sure if Max is not the best driver right now. And that's what I mean with Lewis included, “says Ecclestone.

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