Claire Williams: “Final year used to be the worst year. I price why of us would search for this year as worse however they can’t search for within the help of the scenes.”


Lance stroll used to be in truth asserting that we’re now not racing in Williams, we’re staunch surviving from 1st scamper of 2018.

But who gives a shit about pay driver asserting superior? And everyone used to be looking out for to shit on him.

Have in mind when he told to Williams engineer that he would moderately park the auto in Monaco?

Reason thanks to that used to be, he would maybe perhaps now not push on account of engine overheating, if he can now not push tires will rep frosty and he would maybe perhaps also crash. And he would maybe perhaps now not even attain end to other car internal 5 sec. What the fuck of even racing with these many elements?

But FOM didn’t point out any of this radio conversation, staunch confirmed he must park the auto. And all went and acknowledged, stroll spoilt brat.

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