McLaren: How recovery becomes independent

( – The third place in Brazil was the provisional highlight for McLaren in the Formula 1 season 2019. Years ago, nobody in the British tradition team would have been proud of such a result. But the lean Honda years have left their mark, which only gradually begins to fade – also due to the driving performances of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris.

Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris


From P6 to P4: McLaren has again increased this year in Formula 1 Zoom Download

McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seild is “impressed” by his pilots, who left the racing team ahead of the Renault factory team on Map Four of the World Championship standings click here! ). “Both riders,” he says, “are fundamental to the success we achieve this year.”

Above all, Sainz is playing a very important role with his experience of what is now a hundred grand prix Role “in guiding the crew in the development of the vehicle, explains Seidl. Formula 1 rookie Norris also proved excellent pace, but was also frequently hapless on the road.

New lightness in the crew

The bottom line, however, is a certain dynamic in the crew, which is also in the individual positions seven (Sainz) and eleven (Norris) in the drivers' championship ( click here! ). For Seidl, this is a constellation that is “the best,” “you could have as a crew, which ensures that there is no downtime, that we never let up.”

McLaren have thanks Sainz, Norris and MCL 34 also found new ease. “Once you get results, you'll get a run and you'll have a lot easier,” says Seidl. “You can build on that week after week, month after month, and we've seen it here, which drives us and makes us race to race.”

The task for him and his team is Now, to maintain this “certain direction” for the future, Seidl continues. “We must not let us be blinded by the progress made this year.”

With Sainz and Norris on their way to the top team?

are confirmed, can be accomplished in Formula 1 still a lot. “We are looking forward to many more successful years with this duo, hopefully we will be able to set a car for them at some point with which they can fight further and grow together with us.”

Then, Seidl is aware of this, completely new tasks are coming to McLaren. “Of course, it's a challenge to manage two riders who ride at the same level, especially when they're fighting for podiums and wins,” said the team boss. “However, I'm looking forward to having such luxury problems at some point and being allowed to handle them as a crew.”

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