(Motorsport-Total.com) – Mercedes Chief Technology Officer James Allison looking forward to the implementation of the new Formula 1 regulations 2021. New cars are said to improve the racing used to make Allison a “valuable target”, but it will be seen if that will be the case in the end. Because the goals are “very, very difficult to implement.”

James Allison, Andrew Shovlin


James Allison and chief strategist Andrew Shovlin are already pondering for 2021 Zoom Download

This is mainly due to the engineers in Formula 1, who do not care about the purpose of the regulations. “You would be a strange Formula One engineer if you did not enjoy having a handful of new rules that you dig up and looking for ways to make the fastest possible car out of it.”

For the Groups, of course, only about having the best car in the end. If you offend against the actual purpose of the regulations, then it is the same. Also for But the engineers have long since made up for this project

The Formula 1 rules for 2021 in the analysis

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At least, the groups have after tough negotiations finally something concrete in the hand. “The last few weeks and months have been painful,” says Allison, “but now comes the fun part, you have the pamphlet in your hand and now you have to work with it.”

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