Vergne: Helmut Marko is a tyrant


Former Formula 1 racer Jean Eric Vergne, who entered the fastest sport through the Red Bull Racing Academy, spoke about his experience with Alpha Bulls and Omega Red Bulls team Dr Helmut Mark, who described him as an inexorable “tyrant”.

Vergne was long considered one of the greatest talents in Formula One, and then the Frenchman joined a number of racers whom Red Bull gave up too early.

Vergne spoke to Canal Plus TV about his experience with Red Bull sports boss Helmut Mark:

That was a very difficult story for me. When I started racing in Formula 3, Marko called me and said: “Ricciardo showed you how to do it if you don't win the title you can leave.”

Vergne also remembers a phone call:

“I started from the best starting position and won the race, but Marko thought it was unacceptable because I did not manage to reach the fastest lap in the race. It's just like that ”

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