Vettel excludes resignation: At 32 years not too old


( – Sebastian Vettel seemed to be close to retiring from Formula One following the loss of Canada. “This is no longer the sport I fell in love with,” he said at the time and did not seem to be happy in the premier class. But there will be no withdrawal from Formula 1 soon, the German emphasizes in an interview with the 'dpa'.

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel will remain in Formula 1 for the time being Zoom Download

Currently, his contract with Ferrari is still valid for the upcoming season, but that he will stop after that, he does not see coming: “I do not intend to resign in the foreseeable future,” says Vettel. “I really enjoy racing a lot.”

Although Vettel belongs to his years ago to the old warhorses in Formula 1, but for him the age is not as crucial as in other sports. His ex-teammate Kimi Raikkonen, for example, is already continue next season. His great role model Michael Schumacher even went with )

So far, however, Vettel does not necessarily want to do it. But he wants to decide on each Tumble himself, when he wants to stop, and then feel well with the decision.

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But that is future music. First of all, it is important for him to realize his dream. Vettel would like to become world champion with Ferrari, as it had once succeeded Michael Schumacher. He even left his longtime home at Red Bull. He did not succeed in the title in five years with the Scuderia.

Nevertheless, he does not feel deprived of his time. “I just hope it will not be five years before we can harvest,” he laughs.

For the time after his active career Vettel already has “many ideas,” as he says. This applies to other activities in racing, but also for things outside of racing for which he currently just lacks the time. “I do not like it when you end up with something that was so life-defining, and then has no conception, how to continue.”

One thing Vettel can exclude but: a resignation from the resignation, as Schumacher once did. “For me it is clear: If I stop once, then I stop and do not come back also.”

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