Pink Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko believes there is a good chance Max Verstappen will remain a Milton Keynes team runner up after the season 2020.

Verstappnu's contract with Pink Bull expires after the end of the season 2020, and lately we have witnessed many rumors that the Dutchman is expected to be in talks to switch to Mercedes or Ferrari.

However, Helmut Marko is convinced that victory in Brazil has dramatically increased the chances that Verstappen will remain a Pink Bull driver for years 2021.

“There was a dinner in Brazil, and let's just say it: the mood was very positive. At the time, we didn't even know that Honda 2021 would continue with us for years. ”

“After Abu Dhabi we will sit down again at the table and I think we have a lot of chances to keep Max even after the flight 2020. It's no secret that we want to keep it, “ the Austrian announced.

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