Mercedes dissatisfied with Ferrari's failure to block new rules


According to Italian media, Mercedes should not be impressed with Ferrari's decision not to exercise its veto power and block new rules for the year 2021.

Formula 1 will introduce 2021 new sports, technical and financial regulations aimed at making the series more competitive and affordable

Ferrari is the only team that can veto any such regulatory changes, and the Maranell team has repeatedly raised concerns, particularly regarding the budgetary constraint envisaged.

However, Scuderia has decided not to exercise its veto power and to support the change, which should also surprise Mercedes executives.

Gazzette dello Sport journalist Andrea Cremonesi wrote: “Mercedes is not satisfied with the new rules and is most disappointed that Ferrari has not fought change. Mercedes was expected to oppose the adoption of the rules at Maranell. ”

“Instead, Ferrari probably approved the new rules because they were satisfied with the new commercial agreement and retaining the veto power. Maybe Red Bull and Mercedes have forgotten that Ferrari has always made a deal with the FIO. Recall that 2013 Ferrari was the first to sign a contract with Bernie Ecclestone. Now they want to get as much out of Mercedes as possible, and that's why rumors have emerged about them leaving Formula One. “

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