The tobacco giant has further increased its stake in the Mclaren team


One of McLarn's main sponsors, the British American Tobacco (BAT) tobacco group, is expected to increase its stake in the British F1 team during the offseason 2020.

Mclaren and British American Tobacco entered into a multi-year global partnership earlier this season, similar to the one between Ferrari and Phillip Morris, who has a Mission Winnow brand on the red car.

Like Phillip Morris, British American Tobacco is entering the era of tobacco alternative advertising. McLarn said in a press release:

“In partnership, Mclaren and British American Tobacco will pursue a new agenda pursuing the goal of reducing the negative effects of smoking and the vision of a tobacco-free world. We welcome their direction and look forward to contributing good ample to a better future with McLaren's technology. “

The tobacco giant is expected to provide additional funding to McLarn next year, while BAT will also support McLaren's program in the Indy series.

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