Bottas pleaded guilty and avoided punishment


Following the end of the second free training in Abu Dhabi, the FIA ​​has Valtteri Bottas in 11. The collision in the collision with Romain Grisjean was merely a warning, as the Finnish admitted the mistake and apologized for it.

Bottas tried to overtake Grosjean from a distance while braking in 11. bend, but the Frenchman did not notice the Mercedes racer and an enact of the collision occurred.

Bottas will start the race for the Abu Dhabi GP due to the replacement of the powertrain in any case, but the FIE commissioners did not decide on an additional penalty, as Finec acknowledged that there was a failed overtaking attempt and the enact of the collision it was his fault.

Video: Bottas and Grosjean collide in 2nd free training

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