Kubica: Williams did not use my experience


Robert Kubica is convinced that Williams did not make the most of his contribution this season and claims that the legendary British team could make better use of his extensive experience.

The Pole acknowledged in Abu Dhabi that this weekend was “probably” his last in Formula 1. Next year, Kubica is aiming for a race seat at DTM, which he wants to combine with the role of a reserve F1 team racer.

“I cannot say yet what will happen, but I am trying to persuade some people to agree on some things,” Kubica said. “We want to see if everything can fit together, so sometimes it can take longer to get things done.”

When asked about the flight 2019 and the season with Williams, Kubica said in Abu Dhabi: “One of my biggest disappointments this year is that we only used about 10 percent of my feelings about what I thought we could change. “

As for his best memory of the season, he boldly added, “The best is yet to come, a return flight home.”

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