Thoughts from Sette Câmara, Matsushita, and Zhou

FIA Formula 2: Welcome to the click convention with the tip three finishers in at present time’s FIA Formula 2 Characteristic Toddle right here at Yas Marina. We are joined by flee winner Sérgio Sette Câmara for DAMS, in 2nd scheme is Nobuharu Matsushita for Carlin and third is Guanyu Zhou for UNI-Virtuosi Racing. Sérgio, your first Characteristic Toddle victory at this stage, and from pole quandary too. You did not invent it easy to your self. Valid discuss us by the begin of that flee.

Sérgio Sette Câmara:  It become once a thrilling flee no doubt. As soon as you happen to lose the lead it be worship you below no circumstances took pole, and especially off the freeway worship I did. It become once sophisticated. In Abu Dhabi I mediate the total teams gain the feeling it be going to be a rear degradation flee, but I mediate per chance with the alternate to this car the flee has migrated to a front-deg flee. No lower than in the total experiences I’ve had. It become once extraordinarily sophisticated on story of at some level you had the rear grip but you might well perhaps no longer deliver it on story of the auto correct doesn’t turn. It become once a flee where you needed to improve your tyres and it become once sophisticated to know exactly where the dash become once at, but in the pause we worked well as a team. DAMS and my engineer were letting me know the dash, I become once taking suave choices, it become once a right pit conclude and apparently a right car as well. In the pause it worked.

FIA Formula 2: There become once rather a lot riding on this flee for you. You acknowledged the day prior to this that you just desired to stable a high four championship must gain a Wide Licence – you enjoy performed that now. DAMS has won the Groups’ Championship as well. Did you realize all this sooner than the pause of the flee? Turned into it in your mind the least bit? Did it is best to address that stress?

Sérgio:  Yeah it be rather a lot no doubt. That is the flee of the season that I’ve carried basically the most stress going into. I’ve been informed by many varied of us: “It’s essential to enjoy the Wide Licence”, “Even have to you are no longer going to F1 you might well perhaps deserve to enjoy it”… Or no longer it is constantly right and at some level it is best to attain targets that folks assign for you. Or no longer it is expectations. Or no longer it is worship that for the entire lot in life but it unquestionably reached that level [laughs] and it implies that Abu Dhabi become once a flee where I had a shrimp bit extra stress than an common F2 flee. Or no longer it is correct high quality that the entire lot in the waste fit collectively. I could per chance not be happier.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations at present time. Nobu, transferring on to you. From fourth on the grid to have 2nd and on the alternate approach when put next with Sérgio, but there become once masses of action for you in that first stint. Valid discuss us by those first few laps out of your level of search.

Nobuharu Matsushita:  I mediate my begin and my laps firstly were rather sure and straightforward. I did not push in reality laborious to assign my tyres. After that it become once rather sophisticated to manage and to feel which assign of tyres become once going to be basically the most sophisticated – front or rear. I become once calculating about the life in them and the entire lot. Truly, I become once pondering “Oh I’m main the flee”, then when I got right here out of the pit I become once P2 or P3. Sérgio become once a shrimp bit too a ways and I could per chance not glance him. I mediate DAMS at present time in reality dominated the dash. We are a shrimp bit at the aid of so in the flee the following day I could well perhaps scheme conclude to get them. Tranquil, P2 is a extraordinarily right end result for us and for me as well. I’m in reality happy about that.

FIA Formula 2: You clearly had the tyre advantage against Louis [Delétraz] when he got right here out of the pits, but he made it sophisticated for you with a shrimp bit of a scrap. Did that pause any hopes of trying to conclude the gap to Sérgio?

Nobuharu:  After I went out of the pits I could per chance not glance Sérgio. I did not know who become once main the flee. Then I saw a car overtook me correct after the pit exit after which I overtook him straight away. I saw Louis become once per chance 5 seconds sooner than me so I desired to get him. I in the waste did and I’m happy that I did.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations, well performed at present time. Zhou transferring on to you. You had masses of action as well, especially in that first stint. Closing in on Nobu in the pause of that stint. Discuss us by managing that fragment of the flee.

Guanyu Zhou:  The flee become once wonderful enjoyable from my level of search. The begin become once in reality right. I moved up after which going into Turn 8 I did not in reality defend the quandary ample and I lost a shrimp bit on the AstroTurf at the exit. That set me aid and so afterwards I correct tried to attain my have thing. I had a identical gap, or identical dash, to Nobu and I mediate it become once correct worship he acknowledged. It become once in reality sophisticated to envision out and protect the rears in right shape while at the same time trying to gain the auto to point out into corners. It become once a wonderful long stint with the prime assign and in the old few laps sooner than I pitted I got at the aid of Nobu. In the slipstream at the aid of him though I got means too grand understeer and I could per chance not attain something else. We decided to attain the other of no topic he did when pitting, but I mediate we lost a shrimp bit thanks to that. After that I got right here out of the pits and I did not know which quandary I become once, but with two laps to lag I become once informed I become once P5 or something and I needed to invent the scramble and stick it. I tried to gain a podium quandary and I become once happy I made the scramble as easy because it become once. I got Louis [Delétraz] on the final lap and it become once wonderful high quality to be aid on the rostrum.

FIA Formula 2: As you acknowledged about the pit conclude, you did the other to Nobu and that supposed running one lap longer. Attach you think that sign you the prospect of beating him, or did that in reality relief with the rostrum battle?

Zhou:  I mediate the option tyres might well perhaps presumably enjoy lasted one extra lap, but it unquestionably become once going to be touch and lag. With Nobu I mediate per chance we would enjoy pitted collectively, and presumably if we were sooner we would enjoy overtaken him in the pits. But in the flee we were obsessed with other things as well, correct trying to be diversified to our opponents. Overall, I’m elated with what we decided and the quandary that we performed.

FIA Formula 2: Neatly performed at present time. Sérgio, correct returning to you. In the battle for 2nd scheme in the Drivers’ Championship, you were talking it down the day prior to this, but if my maths are right you might well perhaps well be six scheme at the aid of Nicholas [Latifi] and two sure of Luca [Ghiotto]. Is it all to play for? Is it “gloves off” now that you just enjoy the Wide Licence confirmed?

Sérgio:  Or no longer it is below no circumstances in reality that straightforward on story of if you are starting eighth it be constantly a shrimp bit messy. There are constantly autos a ways and vast the scheme in the first few corners. You’re going to be in a quandary to’t be too awful. It constantly finally ends up putrid have to you are trying and accomplish 50/50 moves. Each person is aware of the Toddle Toddle is correct one long line of autos and all americans has the DRS on the next car ahead, so it be tricky to enjoy an advantage. We will deserve to sight into it and glance what we are in a position to attain to enjoy distinction the following day and strive and revel in a special flee. You mentioned Nicholas and Luca, but I divulge they’re begin extra forward than me the following day. I will deserve to work laborious if I deserve to withhold Luca at the aid of me, and this is in a position to well perhaps presumably be interesting if I’m hopeful of passing Nicholas. Fancy I acknowledged the day prior to this, I will correct strive to attain the right flee that you just might well perhaps mediate of. There might be also the fastest lap thing, so there’s diversified things occurring. Let’s glance.

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