“Torn”: Dad Vettel would also like to be at home


(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Sebastian Vettel started late in the last race weekend of the season 620. The Heppenheimer stayed away on Thursday at the press conference because he spent a payment longer with his family. Finally came on Wednesday offspring number 3 in the house Vettel to the world. The 32 – year old is also at home in Explain and Form in Abu Dhabi.

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel would now like to be at home with his family Zoom 224792 Receive

“I would like to stay at home!”, Vettel confesses after the two practice sessions on Friday. He has already postponed the departure to the latest possible date. The race weekend in the Emirates is the first one the Ferrari driver has completed as a father of three.

“This is the first weekend this is so concrete.” Because his two daughters (Emily and Matilda) were not born just before a race weekend. “It's important that everything went well”, he shines.

He is very happy about the arrival of his first son. Although Vettel is actually more of an old-school person who likes to do without social media, in this Descend he is happy about the latest technology: “Thank God you can stay in good contact these days.”

He confesses that he is internally divided into two: “I'm torn, of course I like being here and would like to finish the season properly, but I would also like to be at home.” In about three days, the family will be reunited and then enjoy the winter break together.

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