After Smash in practice: That's why Vettel scolds in Finnish


( – Sebastian Vettel also stayed on the last race weekend of the year not without mistakes. The Ferrari driver crashed in the first Free Practicing on Friday backwards in the crash barrier – and then scolded the pit radio as usual multilingual. This time he took out his knowledge of Finnish and became popular with the Finnish Formula 1 followers.

Sebastian Vettel


After his smash in FT1 Vettel wrestled angrily Zoom Download

egg saatana, perse, vittu, perjantai ” , Vettel spoke incensed into the team radio before he got out of his damaged Ferrari. This juxtaposition of Finnish expressions – freely translated: “Became to hell, such a crappy asshole Friday” – was also the Finnish television to hear.

Compared to the Finnish station 'MTV' was the Heppenheimer explain his outburst of rage: “I do not know, that came out of me very spontaneously, of course, I was annoyed with myself after the spin.” He has learned the curse words from his Finnish friends.

It is no secret that Vettel understands himself very well with his ex-teammate Kimi Raikkonen and that the two before their time together at Ferrari like to have played a match badminton. Vettel's physiotherapists in Formula 1 also all came from the cool north.

Photos: Ferrari, Right Prix of Abu Dhabi

Vettel has learned over the years. “When we play tennis or badminton – and most of the time I play against Finnish coaches – they just cuss in Finnish and that's where I'm learning to do it”, Vettel smiles.

Sometimes then he just changes the language, especially when it gets emotional on the pit radio: It does not matter whether Italian jubilation, if he wins, or even German Schimpftiraden (“ Such a stupid but also “last in Brazil), if it does not run smoothly.

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