1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

3 – Charles LECLERC (Ferrari)


(Performed by David Coulthard)


Q: Lewis Hamilton, congratulations, your 11th victory of the season and that seemed one of your most dominant. Try to be very proud?

Lewis HAMILTON: Truthfully, I’m proud no doubt but I’m comely plump grateful for this astounding crew. To all at Mercedes, who like persevered to push this year… who would favor thought that on the discontinue of the year we would favor this energy in the speed and although we had the championships gained we comely the truth is wished to steal our heads down and try to imagine if shall we learn and if shall we lengthen and if shall we extract extra from this beautiful automobile that they’ve labored [on]. It’s a portion of art. And I’m also so grateful to crew LH. I dash back and forth world wide to 21 varied worldwide locations, potentially significant extra, and I internet to imagine of us that repeatedly inspire me and ship me messages and utilize me up. So I are searching to ship a plump thanks to everyone that’s right here, everyone that’s motivate home. Thanks for watching, thanks for supporting. I the truth is feel so jubilant with in the present day, man.


Q: Now it has been a gargantuan season and I do know you’re in that moment, but you’ve obtained on the podium two younger guys, two younger chargers. They’ve thrown some plump races at you this year, but right here’s a gargantuan design so that you can discontinue the season, with one of these dominant victory. These guys like restful obtained a range of work to realize?

LH: These guys, there are a range of formative years coming through. If you stare on the grid, as an illustration, from 2nd to love seventh or eighth changed into all plump youngsters, so I’m the truth is proud to be in a duration of time the place there are such gargantuan youngsters coming through. These guys like been doing a sexy job and I the truth is privileged to be in the duration of time the place they’re right here and I’m awaiting expectantly extra conclude battles with us in due direction, so I’m hoping it gets conclude for us next year.


Q: Factual earlier than I dash on, what like you ever obtained planned for the iciness?

LH: Oh, comely family time, man.


Q: Take pride in your loved ones time. Max Verstappen, it’s been a quite exact season for you – three victories, third in the Drivers’ Championship. This present day that changed into the perfect you might presumably hope for. You had some disorders although didn’t you? We heard you on the radio; you like been having to steal watch over some disorders.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, a few dinky things. At the discontinue of the day it wouldn’t like made a distinction by the utilization of place. Yeah, we had to realize quite of a special method to Ferrari of direction, they pitted quite early and we went long, as a result of they overtook us on the first lap. After that our tempo changed into quite first rate, comely Mercedes and Lewis in the present day, they like been comely quite too rapidly. As a entire I judge it’s been a trustworthy season and naturally to be P3 in the championship is a crucial ending.


Q: Lewis stated he’s going to be spending family time in the iciness but I instruct you’ve obtained your sights on the world championship, so you’ll be on the factory, you’ll be on the simulator, you’ll be working onerous?

MV: I judge we are all working onerous but it’s also exact to utilize a while off, be with family and pal and be fully recharged for next year and attain motivate stronger.


Q: Congratulations. We’ve obtained Charles and Lewis sharing notes right here. What are you discussing? They design the speed performed out?

Charles LECLERC: Yeah, comely total how rapidly he changed into all during the speed. With the onerous I judge he did a 39.2, so yeah, I changed into comely asserting congratulations to him.


Q: Now, third place; it’s but another podium. It’s been a gargantuan year, first year for you at Ferrari. I do know you guys all are searching to blueprint conclude but you deserve to be jubilant. You is probably going to be the first crew-mate to love performed in front of Sebastian on the planet championship in his time at Ferrari, so it’s been very fling for you.

CL: Yeah, I’m extraordinarily about this year. I’ve realized an mountainous quantity attributable to Seb. Yeah, it’s been a gargantuan year. For me a realisation of a dream since childhood. I’ve regularly dreamed to be in System 1 but particularly with Ferrari. To be now with this crew is unattainable and now it’s up to me to work, to recuperate, and expectantly give them the success they deserve.




Q: Lewis, many congratulations, as emphatic a victory as we like seen from you, and on your 250th speed as smartly?

LH: Jeez! That’s a range of races.

MV: You didn’t like a ultimate time that – 250? No pit board? Two-hundred-and-fifty grands prix, they didn’t like a ultimate time that for you? You didn’t care.

LH: No!

MV: Three hundred? Three-fifty?

LH:  No, I don’t are searching to reminded of the age! No, what an astounding year it has been. What an astounding stretch it’s been with this crew. Yeah, after profitable the Constructors’ and the Drivers’ Championship I judge it changed into the truth is considerable for us as a crew to continue to push. , we hadn’t obtained fully all the pieces from the general ultimate kit. So we like been comely making an strive to push the boundaries and push the boundaries and yeah, I judge right here is how one can discontinue the season, on the exact foot. I judge it changed into a gargantuan weekend in the sense that there changed into a Ferrari and a Crimson Bull and a Mercedes in the discontinue three, clearly in the finishing repeat but additionally on the grid, after which a range of younger drivers in the motivate of me, making me the truth is feel younger, which is gargantuan. I’m the truth is comely grateful to my crew who like persevered to push all year long and comely like never misplaced demand of the operate. We’ve all had a general operate and impressed every varied to continue to push and strive for perfection. So, incredibly grateful to everyone and I’m hoping that every person at Mercedes and our companions. I’m distinct they are quite jubilant.


Q: Had been you surprised by your dominance in the present day, as a result of you like been 13 seconds earlier than Max after 20 laps?

LH:  Yeah, I no doubt wasn’t searching forward to to haver the tempo advantage to that extent. Our long bustle tempo changed into quite exact and I changed into told that shall we be a tenth or two forward but then in the speed we had quite extra of a bonus in that appreciate. And once I obtained out in the decided I changed into able to steal watch over my tempo quite smartly in that first stint and organize the tyres. I comely had to dash as long, once in a while, as Max changed into going. Then we obtained onto that next dwelling of tyres and for this music the tyre changed into exact. The onerous tyres is rather resilient to any abrasion and that. It goes an extended, estimable distance. I judge it will attain the total speed stint. I judge in direction of the discontinue of the speed I changed into like ‘I are searching to love some… I’ve obtained to push and imagine if I’m able to extract to any extent additional performance from the auto’. I attain desire that we had some battles. I noticed on TV you guys struggling with…

MV: You like gotten slowed down!

LH: You guys are too rapidly on the straights.

MV:  Factual give it a gamble.

LH: I’m distinct we’re going to love some gargantuan races. We had some gargantuan races this year, Max and I, so congratulations to them for continuing to upward thrust and I’m excited to be amongst those guys and warfare with them next year.


Q: Max, your 2nd consecutive podium right here in Abu Dhabi and your ninth podium enact of the season. You didn’t seem jubilant with the auto after your pit cease. Are you able to comely talk us through what the problems like been?

MV: Yeah, I comely had some torque holes on throttle. There like been delays and stuff, so it changed into no longer gargantuan, and we couldn’t repair it, so we drove around the say. At the discontinue of the day, it wouldn’t like made a distinction by the utilization of the result.


Q: What does a torque hole mean? In the olden days would we have been talking a pair of misfire?

MV: No, comely after I dash on throttle it’s no longer doing what I desire.


Q: Did it charge you lap time?

MV: It did charge me lap-time – but like I stated, it wouldn’t like given me the blueprint conclude in the present day.


Q: Other than that, speed changed into comely?

MV: Yeah, speed changed into comely. Cramped bit of a shame about the first lap but then I judge we had a exact first stint, to dash long and yeah, I judge after we then keep the onerous tyres on, the tempo changed into first rate. I might maybe internet by Charles after which I might maybe comely attain my win speed. I mean, Lewis changed into too rapidly, so I changed into comely focussing on my win speed and lap-instances.


Q: And you’ve sealed third in the Championship in the present day. Factual how will you judge on 2019?

MV: Yeah, quite exact. Few victories, poles, so that’s quite exact. I judge we improved quite quite all during the season. Also, from Honda aspect. Clearly, very jubilant about that. Now we comely wish to steal that momentum into the iciness ruin as smartly and try to enhance the auto even extra, in conjunction with the engine and be there from the first speed, no longer from the middle of the season or in direction of the discontinue. But we know that, so we are working on it.


Q: Charles, it changed into quite tight with Valtteri in those closing laps. How insecure like been you?

CL: Properly, Valtteri changed into very rapidly in direction of the discontinue of the speed, so yeah, I changed into quite insecure at one point when he started to keep and I changed into starting up to warfare quite bit – but then, in the final four or five laps, I judge he came motivate quite bit slower: I judge he slowed down too, so then I changed into quite extra hopeful after which I had some internet site visitors, so it changed into very conclude in direction of the discontinue. But yeah, it changed into quite of a fresh speed as a result of in the first stint I changed into very hopeful, I changed into in the motivate of Lewis. OK, we weren’t as rapidly as Lewis but I restful thought the tempo changed into there – but then we tried to pit quite early to try to force them to cease early but yeah, then once in a while I understood I’d imagine Lewis on the discontinue of the speed as a result of we like been comely no longer rapidly enough and we never keep a say to them in front. Yeah, it’s like this. We weren’t rapidly enough – but total, I judge all during the season it’s been extra or less the similar image when qualifying, we organize extra or less to be there but then in the speed we seem to warfare. So we have to work on that for 2020.


Q: So that you like been making an strive to force Mercedes into making but another pit cease. How early in the speed – if indeed you potentially did – like been you regretting that two-cease method?

CL: I changed into no longer. On memoir of it changed into quite decided for me that to internet this third place, if I wished it, it changed into all about profitable as a result of Max changed into restful in the speed, so we had to realize something. I didn’t are searching to stop there and that’s it. So, I comely tried but to be merely and not using a longer significant hope but yeah, no longer no longer up to we tried.


Q: And Charles, final solutions. Are you insecure about the fuel discrepancy that changed into found by the FIA outdated to the speed?

CL: To be merely, I’ve obtained no belief and no details whatsoever of what’s happening, for now. So, yeah. I’ll keep up a correspondence to the crew to know that better.




Q: (Jake Boxall-Legge – Autosport) Question for Max. We’ve heard you over the year discussing over the year that you’ve had quite bit of mosey sensitivity with the auto. It doesn’t regularly reply to your throttle inputs. Is the say in the present day related to that – and the design did it the truth is feel out of your standpoint in the auto?

MV: Most of the time it’s comely-tuning. This present day, I’m no longer distinct but what came about precisely, as a result of they didn’t are searching to enlighten me on the radio, they comely stated there changed into nothing they would attain from their aspect, so then it also doesn’t subject what it’s some distance, so I’ll like to search out out.


Q: (Giovanni Messi – NewsF1.it) Max, attain you imagine Crimson Bull is now in front of Ferrari and able to keep Mercedes next year for a World Championship? And for Charles, I are searching to search recordsdata out of your thought about the method in the present day: why did you cease so early in the first laps?

MV: I judge it’s quite conclude. It comely depends upon quite bit on the music layout but I judge from our aspect, all during the season, we made exact improvements so shall we the truth is utilize the warfare quite extra forward and blueprint conclude a few races and but for next year there’s restful a range of work to realize of direction, to keep up to Mercedes. At the discontinue of the day, they like been the dominant crew over the year, or no longer no longer up to, essentially the most consistent. Yeah, we can of direction try all the pieces to conclude that gap but of direction it’s no longer going to be easy.

CL: No. At the discontinue, as I stated, to be third in the championship we had to blueprint conclude the speed, pondering the place Max changed into in the speed so we gave it fascinated with that and yeah, I comely didn’t are searching to stop there in 2nd place and prepare the others’ method as a result of it made no sense so we went for a massive gamble, it didn’t repay but it’s OK.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Lewis, the day outdated to this you stated you had to re-centre quite after Friday. You like been quite in the motivate of Valtteri, I don’t know if it changed into attributable to the engine, he had a new engine, but can you point to the design you re-centre yourself? Is that something riding-wise you stare totally otherwise into or is it extra personal?

LH: It’s the truth is comely about… I don’t know, on Friday, I comely had quite of… I instruct, presumably it changed into quite erratic, comely the balance of…in most cases you over-drive, you underneath-drive, comely no longer cheerful with the balance of the auto and no longer reacting, there wasn’t synergy between myself and the auto. But I’d command extra so perchance from my personal aspect so I don’t know, it’s comely about stepping motivate, taking a breather and extra or less realigning your focal point, realising what you’ve got to realize. As I stated, internet your coronary heart underneath steal watch over and came motivate the next day, there changed into nothing erratic, gentle, smooth and picked up, so I had my win ways of doing that naturally but I judge it’s comely the experience over the years, figuring out on some days, emotions are heightened and varied days it’s extra mellow and that changed into comely a form of days.


Q: (Lawrence Edmonson – ESPN) Lewis, I don’t know if you happen to’re aware but there’s been a range of talk this weekend about you potentially going to Ferrari in 2021. I might maybe as smartly search recordsdata from a straight question: is it a consideration and like you ever met with Ferrari’s president John Elkann?

LH: Properly, naturally all the pieces that occurs in the motivate of closed doors is clearly regularly non-public with whoever it’s some distance you discontinue up sitting with but I judge for many, a few years I’ve never ever sat down and thought of as varied alternatives, as a result of we’ve been on a… comely riding straight forward into the dash that we’ve been on and the wander that we’ve been on and to be merely, I restful judge we’re on that direction and I judge there’s very dinky that’s going to shift it from that but I judge there’s no harm in… I do know Toto can also be his alternatives by the utilization of his future and most productive he’ll know what’s the perfect part for him and his family. So I’m waiting to imagine what he’s doing with that. I bask in the place I am so it’s no doubt no longer a rapidly resolution to realize something else, but of direction I judge it’s most productive agreeable and wise for me to sit down down and imagine what I desire… if it’s some distance the final duration or stage in my occupation. Truly I are searching to steal profitable so I judge that’s… I are searching to steal having the flexibility to warfare with these guys as smartly. I’m able to’t the truth is expose you what else is going to happen appealing forwards.


Q: Charles, can I comely throw that to you as smartly. If you’re restful sporting red in 2021, would you welcome Lewis as a crew-mate?

CL: Properly of direction. At the discontinue, we are in System One and we are searching to warfare against the perfect. I’ve had a plump opportunity this year to love Seb next to me who’s a four time World Champion and I’ve realized loads from him and you might presumably regularly learn from this form of champion so yeah, of direction.



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