Suggestions from Ghiotto, Latifi and Sette Câmara

FIA Blueprint 2: Welcome to the press conference with the tip three finishers in at the moment time’s FIA Blueprint 2 Bound Bound right here at Yas Marina. We’re joined by tear winner Luca Ghiotto for UNI-Virtuosi Racing, in 2nd topic is Nicholas Latifi for DAMS and third is Sergio Sette Câmara moreover for DAMS. Luca, the relevant advance to entire the season with victory. It looked love you were in a league of your win at the moment time.

Luca Ghiotto: I knew that the automobile change into accurate on memoir of even the day gone by with the unhappy open and brake components that we had, we literally destroyed the predominant plot of tyres locking up some distance and wide… We smooth performed sixth. I change into vastly bowled over by that, so I knew the automobile change into fleet if we had a clean tear. I undoubtedly feel that essentially the most fundamental point for me change into to win a accurate open. I got past Nicholas straight and I tried to no longer over-push as much as [Giuliano] Alesi change into doing first and important. I deem that the predominant two or three laps change into the set we won the tear on memoir of those tyres are undoubtedly, as everyone knows now after a long time [laughs], pretty tricky to preserve watch over. Every now and then the predominant laps are undoubtedly the set you’ll be in a topic to assemble the incompatibility for the pause of the tear. On the present time feels love it change into love that and I’m undoubtedly tickled to know the final tear for me in F2.

FIA Blueprint 2: You performed the season third overall within the Drivers’ Championship, and with four wins to your title. Are you cheerful with the year that you simply win had?

Luca: No. By no means. We had so many components this year. We now were disqualified in Monaco for a slow thing that will win without problems been solved. So many zeros all the highest device thru the year… I deem all three of us had many troubles when in contrast with Nyck [de Vries]. All of us would possibly well win had the chance to battle him had we had as clean a season as he had. That is presumably the motive I’m no longer so tickled. I’ve no longer been in a topic to be consistent sufficient, either on memoir of of my mistakes or assorted uncomfortable things. Obviously, I’m tickled to operate the season with a hold however it completely would possibly well were considerably better.

FIA Blueprint 2: Congratulations on the hold at the moment time. Nicholas spicy on to you. After the open, when you happen to lost a topic, you looked love you paced it smartly however change into Luca accurate too genuine at the moment time?

Nicholas Latifi: I deem overall, he with out a doubt had the brink. I accept as true with what he said. I deem those first two or three laps outlined the tear. I change into sandwiched between him and Callum [Ilott], so I change into forced to be in Luca’s soiled air, pushing a piece more tough than I desired to accurate to try and preserve the topic. I allow them to both dart a piece. Obviously, Giuliano [Alesi] change into pushing pretty exhausting and then at some stage Luca started to apply. Coming into this tear the goal change into pretty certain. I had the entire probably instances worked out in my head about how if they performed in certain positions, the set did I win to be. Moreover, within the abet of my mind change into the quickest lap, on memoir of within the Bound Bound it be slightly much an additional topic. I deem very early win if somebody change into going to plot the quickest lap it change into going to be all the highest device thru the predominant four or five laps. Luca had it, and at that stage you are now unsure how the tear is going to entire – you never know, somebody would possibly well advance flying from the abet – and I assumed, “if Luca wins this tear and will get the quickest lap it will perchance change into a piece shut!” I started cooling down the tyres for two laps, left a mountainous gap and pushed for it to as a minimal assemble that. Total within the tear tempo that doubtlessly did not support. I change into in a topic to preserve my topic as a minimal so that change into accurate on memoir of that’s what I desired to operate. I change into accurate cruising no longer taking any dangers, praying that the automobile holds together on memoir of it change into my P2 within the championship to lose shall we embrace. They needed to procure me, however you never know what would possibly well happen in motorsport. There are a lot of things no longer for your preserve watch over. Within the pause, a piece love Luca said, I change into a piece disappointed with the consistency within the season. On any given round I deem with the exception of Paul Ricard, the tempo change into there to challenge for podiums and wins however for one motive or one other, generally a mistake from me or unfavorable success – I got taken out in two Feature Races… [Laughs] All of us know what occurs when you happen to win a unfavorable Feature Bound in Blueprint 2. I’m disappointed to win lost out within the championship however obviously extraordinarily tickled to win secured the following smartest thing, and more importantly the Teams’ Championship this weekend, which change into within the abet of my mind sparkling that I shall be leaving DAMS this year. I spent four years with them. In to any extent further or less relationship four years is a truly prolonged time, particularly in racing the set all people looks to be so shut and tight-knit. So as to reward them with the Teams’ Championship in my closing year with them as smartly… It change into a complex mid-season for all people with the passing of our crew boss. I need he would possibly well were right here to rejoice with us, however within the pause I’m very tickled with how the final round went.

FIA Blueprint 2: We saw how emotional you bought in parc fermé after that tear. Upright how has Blueprint 2 and DAMS plot you up for the following stage for your profession, stepping as much as Williams next season?

Nicholas: Yeah Blueprint 2, and clearly my first year in GP2, same thing, has been a significant fragment of my profession. It’s the set I’ve realized essentially the most about myself as a driver however moreover about myself as a human being. I’ve been thru the entire highs and lows that advance with motorsport. I’ve needed to dig myself out of some very sophisticated instances… Most particularly final year. The season I had in 2017 change into obviously a truly genuine one, and then when you happen to win a season love 2018 you undoubtedly open to position a query to your self. Specifically after I change into with a teammate who change into performing smartly. But I managed to assemble on top of it at the pause of the season and clearly this year the targets were pretty certain. DAMS were so amazing from the predominant year. Jean-Paul [Driot] took a mountainous threat on me in 2016 after I first joined them. I change into coming in as a rookie and a driver, that I will narrate with self perception, had confirmed nothing in motorsport. I’d had flashes of efficiency right here and there however to transfer with a top crew love DAMS, they took a mountainous threat on me and it change into no longer tender crusing. They worked so exhausting. Sergio can attest to that. All my old teammates can attest to that. Some of them are essentially the most dedicated guys I’ve ever worked with. It would be undoubtedly exhausting I deem asserting goodbye. Coming into this weekend I knew there change into going to be plenty of additional emotions from the F1 announcement, however honestly that wasn’t even a wretchedness for me about being a distraction. It change into more sparkling that this change into going to be my final weekend with DAMS. I’m tickled to win ended with the following highest probably thing and I accurate cannot thank them sufficient.

FIA Blueprint 2: Enticing words and accurate success next season. Sergio, spicy on to you. I’m certain you might desire to reward the crew however from a interior most point of watch, with pole, victory and third topic at the moment time, that’s your strongest weekend of the season. What operate you set that down to?

Sergio Sette Câmara: I assemble no longer know. [Laughs] It’s merely love that. It’s a piece of a thriller. I deem it be a piece of a shame undoubtedly on memoir of generally you assemble no longer know why it be fleet or no longer. To be accurate I’m a piece disappointed. I assemble no longer know. Obviously, I purchase it when a weekend goes this smartly, however on the varied hand it makes me undoubtedly feel unfavorable. As soon as I crossed the operate line at the moment time I change into tickled for one 2nd and then I change into sad on memoir of I assumed, “how advance now it be accurate however it completely’s no longer been love that all year.” It’s very uncommon. It’s motorsport. It makes me upset however it completely’s love that. If you happen to would favor to be tickled the entire time, then you definately must operate one other sport [laughs].

FIA Blueprint 2: Nicely one thing you did present change into a lot of action at the moment time, hiking thru from eighth topic with hundreds overtaking. Dwell you undoubtedly feel you had the quickest car?

Sergio: I assemble no longer comprehend it be exhausting to pick out. I indicate I’m accurate riding my car. Perhaps I change into in tune with it. There are repeatedly variations, generally mountainous ones, even with it being a one producer championship on memoir of groups can work a lot and there are smooth some things that of us assemble no longer understand totally. It’s tricky to know exactly the set we are however I’m certain that my car change into, if no longer the excellent, then one of many excellent accessible. I change into in sync with it this weekend it looks which I did not set a query to. In chilly weather attempting out right here I change into no longer fleet. I change into expecting it to be one of many worst weekends of the season. It’s exhausting to point to, however I win to thank the guys for a accurate car. I challenged Nyck [de Vries], Nicholas and Luca for the tip spots within the championship, which I did not undoubtedly… I indicate, I needed it deep interior. I assumed, “okay, let’s dart to Abu Dhabi and judge 48 components!” [Laughs] But I’ve thought something identical at plenty of weekends this year and it would not happen. It’s no longer fleet or whatever. This weekend it be been happening. It’s a accurate advance to operate the season, presumably a piece too dull, however as a minimal it change into there.

FIA Blueprint 2: Congratulations and smartly performed this weekend. Luca, returning to you. As you said it be your final weekend in Blueprint 2 as smartly before you development on to assorted collection. Upright replicate for your time within the championship and what it be given you for your profession.

Luca: It has been a prolonged slither. If I will moreover rely the GP3 years it be been five years around this paddock. It has been a truly very prolonged time. I deem these five years win undoubtedly formed me because the racing driver I’m now. My first year in GP3 I will smooth without problems narrate change into my highest year out of all five. The four years in F2 were undoubtedly tricky, repeatedly there looking out at for opportunities coming to me assorted than discovering opportunities myself… Consistently changing groups yearly. It’s no longer been easy however at the pause of the day now we win repeatedly been there preventing. If now we win never won a tear in a year then I change into shut to. I deem final year change into essentially the most useful one I did not hold in. The tempo change into repeatedly there – presumably some years were ‘more up’ and numerous years ‘more down’. This year has been the excellent year in F2. As I said before, I smooth deem that many things win no longer gone the advance I needed. If I deem that after the predominant tear I change into main the championship, then with out a doubt I’m no longer tickled now to be third. Serene, we did a accurate job however I deem I smooth desire to learn. You never cease discovering out. I deem even when you happen to requested Lewis Hamilton if he’s realized the entire lot about motorsport, he’d doubtlessly narrate no even supposing he’s won six world championships in F1. There are repeatedly things to learn. A mountainous fragment of motorsport, of racing, and the entire lot, I realized it from F2 and GP3.

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