Gazzetta: Hamilton met with Ferrari twice this year


According to the Italian newspaper Gazzeta dello Sport, Lewis Hamilton is expected to meet twice with Ferrari President John Elkann twice this year on a possible British move to Maranella this season 2021.

Hamilton has a valid contract signed with Mercedes attain the end of next season, and there are rumors in Formula One that the six-time world champion might end his long and rich career behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

According to the Italian Gazzette dello Sport, Hamilton is expected to meet with Ferrari President John Elkanno on the possibility of moving to Maranella:

Two meetings were organized in the year 2019 between Lewis Hamilton and John Elkann, who is a great admirer of the British racer. Ferrari's interest in Hamilton has been around for years, with Briton expressing his disappointment with Elkanna that Ferrari's 2017 contract with Extended by Sebastian Vettl for another three years.

Gazetta also writes that Hamilton should be impressed with Ferrari's rich history, and according to Italian media, it is unlikely that Ferrari will be in season 2021 was racing with the same race.

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