(Motorsport-Total.com) – The qualifying duel battle in the Formula 1 season 2019 at McLaren the most balanced. Ten times, Carlos Sainz battles faster than Lando Norris. And ten times battle Norris faster than Sainz. The decision was made at the last qualifying session in Abu Dhabi. Norris was in the lead, but it was a close battle. The Briton finished seventh and had 0.0 11 seconds ahead of Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo. Sainz followed in ninth and battle only at 0, 020 seconds slower than Norris.

Lando Norris


Lando Norris has just won the qualifying duel at McLaren



Thus, Norris won the qualifying duel in his rookie season 11: against Sainz. “From my side, it is not frustrating,” the Spaniard gives the fair loser. “I think it's great news for the crew that I have a teammate who puts pressure on me all year long, Lando did a very good job in qualifying, and he's always very fast this year.”

“I think you pay too much attention to these numbers because there are always two or three qualifying sessions a year where someone is unlucky or you do not even attend because of a motor penalty. , then it will be counted as 3: 0 for somebody. “

Norris is glad that he did not make a mistake

Nevertheless, Norris was happy about his success, because in motorsports it is always important to beat his team mate – especially in the rookie season. “That's the only one used to have said to me, 'Well done, : – year-old. “But I'm happy, the battle difficult, if I'd made the “


In his rookie season, Lando Norris has his pace shown Zoom Get

Nevertheless, Norris says that it is of secondary importance to him whom he has defeated: “I am happy because I did not make any big mistakes. I got the rounds together and I am now two hundredths of a second ahead of a Renault, I'm happy about that and not whether I've qualified someone out, it's the fact that I've done better in my laps. “

” It battles a good round with no big bugs, but it does not battle k. The battle is not great now and not the best of my life either I just tried to control the tires to make sure I did not have any understeer or oversteer. Here the tires are so sensitive, if you only have a short oversteer there, everything can go wrong. “

McLaren backlog to the top still big a long way in front of us, “said the Brit.” 1.6 seconds on Hamilton are still very much. But this year we were able to increase usa constant. “

Carlos Sainz


In the World Cup Carlos Sainz fights to be “Most attention-grabbing of the rest” Zoom Get

“There are stretches where we always go even weaker. And honestly, I also believe that Renault is a little more consistent than we battle. But we had better results when we really got it together. That's why we were able to get more out of it. But we are still struggling to go further. Also on Crimson Bull we miss seven-tenths to a second. “

Is the backlog completely owed to the McLaren, or even the driver? Would Norris be in the Mercedes on the Pole Establish of residing?” It would definitely be a lot easier than with my car, “laughs the – year-old.” But I do not know. As long as you are not in this subject, it is difficult to say. I do not mean to confess that I'm going to destroy him. “

Sainz is clearly ahead in the World Cup, the Spaniard is seventh and has scored more than twice as many points as Norris ( 30: ).

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