Race commentary: Irresistible Hamilton, confusion at Ferrari


Best starting position, fastest lap in the race, leadership from the start of the end and winning the race in Abu Dhabi with the advantage 17. Seconds – Lewis Hamilton finished the season in style, reaching the six-time Formula One World Champion.

At the moment when Hamilton was the first to take the first bend, it seemed very unlikely that anyone could stop him. Charles Leclerc took advantage of the crude speed of the Ferrari engine and overtook Max Verstappen in the opening round, but later returned his blow to his rival without much difficulty, winning second place.

In the end, Leclerc held on to third and defended a small advantage over Valtteri Bottas, who, with a dominant Mercedes, staged a breakthrough from the start of the starting line, where the race began with a penalty. Bottas were further hampered by a breakdown in DRS performance, which made it difficult for runners to overtake in the opening laps.

Although it was clear before the start of the last race weekend of the season that Mercedes would be very difficult to beat on the Isle of Yas, Ferrari, like so many times before, has made it difficult. Only the Leclerc qualifiers had been stopped by the time-barrier, and before the start Monacan had been given investigations for the wrong amount of fuel in his car. Adding to that a catastrophic double stop and the fact that Leclerc decided on the strategy, we can see that there is currently considerable confusion with Ferrari. Verstappen did not even have the slightest difficulty in confirming the third place in the championship, which means that we will not see Ferrari racing this year at the final awards ceremony.

If we didn't experience the fight for victory this time, it was all the more interesting in the background, where we followed the fanatical clash of McLaren and Renault, in which this time the excellent Sergio Perez became involved. The differences between middle-class teams are really small, and we can already look forward to next season as the teams get closer to each other due to stable rules.

Season 2019 is over and Formula 1 is leaving for the winter break. The last race of the season brought the likes of Nice Hulkenberg and Robert Kubica, and the sunset race was probably the last Formula One race for both runners.

December is coming and when we enter the new year we will be only a few weeks away from presenting new cars and starting our first tests…

F1 2020!

Matej Plesey

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