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Alfa Romeo


8 hours in the past

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George Russell

73 sides · 7 hours in the past

Sums up Seb’s season quite appropriate :/

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Fernando Alonso

13 sides · 6 hours in the past

Next year is our year! Confidently

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Charlie Whiting

6 sides · 5 hours in the past

I mediate he’s doing better than outdated years (Leclerc exciting him looks to support him), however looks to contain so unheard of extra corrupt honest appropriate fortune or unfamiliar errors.

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13 sides · 3 hours in the past

Seb questioning why Lina likes ballet so unheard of

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Lando Norris

10 sides · 5 hours in the past

Looks esteem he’s having a leana next to Lina

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Sebastian Vettel

2 sides · 4 hours in the past

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