Fairytale over? Kubica at Williams' farewell without much emotion


(Motorsport-Total.com) – The final race of the “fairytale” comeback by Robert Kubica is history. It is extremely uncertain whether the Pole will once again contest a Formula 1 race. In the end, mixed feelings remain: on the one hand, he has done something that has been described by few as impossible. On the other hand, the comeback was moderately successful from a sporting point of view.

Robert Kubica


Future uncertain: Robert Kubica has contested his possibly last Formula 1 race Zoom Obtain

Used to be stays So farewell, first of Williams? “It has long been known that this would be my last race here [in diesem Team], so I have no sad feelings, but on the way home there will surely be time to reflect.”

Although he's from George Russell with : 0 was swept away in qualifying (in the World Cup ranking although it has not been easy, of course it is disappointing from the results, but if you go deeper, do not fight it as bad as it looked from the outside. “

It was complicated, but in every tumble be better than watching the races from the back home 42 – Year old. “It's been a useful year in many ways, and it has shown me that I can still race in high categories, even though I've been a long-dead battle.”

Giovinazzi tears off half the floor of the field in the hopeless Williams FW Race with two collisions The more obvious there was with Antonio Giovinazzi in round The Sauber driver had already put in an ultra early pit stop and punched in curve with brutal methods over.

Kubica sees it relaxed: “That's racing he da battle, but thought he was going to retreat, and I knew that we had no chance of getting through the bend, so I could not see him either – he probably killed in the blind spot. “


The accident had consequences: “I suffered heavy damage on the right side of the underbody, you can imagine what it meant at our grip and downforce levels damaged the bargeboard battle. “

” The last ones Laps were tough, but I still managed to get an acceptable pace, I tried a bit to defend against Gasly, but that begged Of course, it's more fun than a realistic chance to keep him behind. ” The Toro Rosso driver passed by.

Kubica came forward in the starting turmoil. His young team-mate wanted to get the location back in turn 5 and braked on the outside massively later than anyone else. The two Williams touched in the braking zone and Russell first had to miss the chicane.

“I tried to avoid a couple of cars ahead and he shot much faster on the outside,” he remembers. That he landed in front of Russell, he had to owe a good racing instinct in turn 1. There he made several positions intestine, after he still had “a minor engine problem” at the actual initiate.

It's far from the first time he has dawdle after Russell's first turns. Whether his old class still flashes through there? “You can hide some things in the first round,” he says. “It's more of a guessing game than knowledge.”

“I feel like we've been really intestine this year, but at our pace, that makes no difference. It lasts one or two laps, but in most races they pull it back, but we had at least a bit of pace to fight, and I was able to keep some opponents in the eye for a long time, which is not the tumble

Kubica has as a substitute driver at Haas a small chance to race again – something should happen to the drivers Kevin Magnussen or Romain Grosjean something. That's why he did not finish with Formula 1: “I'm looking forward to maybe a few new challenges in the coming year, I hope and continue to give everything.”

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