Intention 1 on TV3 ended eloquently, yawning


I don't know if I'm in the minority of those who find the yawning of the main commentator a bit unprofessional, but that's right, but the act is talkative enough. This is Slovenia and Intention 1 on TV3. I really don't understand why they persist, but if they more than obviously don't like to do it. Money is pretty good motivation.

Intention 1 on TV3: Dim the competition and then boasts high viewership

Although, as usual, I will again be criticized for constantly striving for TV3, where they are trying their best, transferring the last race of the season was simply too criminal to be overlooked.

At the very beginning, we were given the brunt of how this is McLaren's last race with Renault engines, as the Woking team will move well enough to Mercedes in the next race and Renault will lose considerable financial resources. Of course, this will happen in the off-season 2021 and if at first I still hoped it was just a lapse, the commenter is mine He eliminated his doubts when he repeated his false beliefs again.

Then Kvyat became Gasly, soft tires got hard, baby road car comparisons began, and the chief commentator yawned clearly that he might prefer to do something else. We are in the second year of F1 on TV3 and it's hard to say that the situation is any better than it was at the beginning.

If TV3 doesn't intend to quit, it would be hygienic enough to keep it in season 2018 stop blacking out foreign channels and forcing viewers good enough to watch their bizarre broadcasts.


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