Italian media: King Hamilton and the embarrassment of Ferrari


At the end of this year's F1 season, the Italian media praised Lewis Hamilton's sovereign performance, adding that at the end of the year, Ferrari had afforded a new embarrassment with the wrong amount of fuel in Charles Leclerc's car.

Gazzetta dello Sport

The King and His Heirs to the Throne

The last F1 podium this year corresponds to the whole season. Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is at the top, with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, the rising star of the next generation of F1 racers, on his side.

Corriere dello Sport

Hamilton Prevails

Hamilton dominated the last race the way he dominated the season. With leadership in all 55. In circles, Lewis confirmed that he was the best driver in the best car of the season 2019. A perfect weekend for Hamilton with no mistakes. Verstappen showed some encouraging improvement at the end of the season and could finally fight for the title next year. Even more embarrassment for a Ferrari receiving a fine 50. 000 Euros for a derogation of almost 5 pounds of fuel.


The Hamilton Party

“Lewis Hamiton won at Abu Dhabi and ended a great season with dominance since the first attain last round. Second place for Verstappna, who has improved dramatically as a result of Honda's progress during the last part of the season. Thirdly, Leclerc has proven to be Ferrari's best driver again, but Ferrari still faces many problems. “

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