Former Formula 1 racer David Coulthard thinks the Crimson Bull team will have a last chance to keep Max Verstappen in their lineup next season.

Verstappen, who has celebrated three races this season, has repeatedly said that he is only interested in racing in a car that will give him the title of World Champion in the future. The Crimson Bull have been trying for three seasons to keep the Dutchman in a fast-paced car, but so far he has failed to qualify fight for the title. Does that mean he's going to find another team to reach the goal he's set?

Verstappen: With Ferrari I wouldn't be a champion, but I would win more races

Verstappen's father Jos has already announced that they are considering a team change if Crimson Bull doesn't could deliver a good enough car for the season 2020. That's when 22 – the annual Max expires contract with the team

End of season 2020 contracts with Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes are also expiring. Hamilton is already rumored to be interested in Ferrari, but Verstappen seems to be the main driver in the driver market. In any case, the year 2020 will be extremely varied in terms of transitions.

David Coulthard is for De Telegraaf points out that Max is extremely talented but fails to show all his skills in racing because he is limited by the Crimson Bull car. Therefore predicts that the young Dutchman will leave the team if he does not win next year.

“Max is one of the best drivers, but he is somewhat restricted by the car. For Formula 1 would be huge if the cars driven by Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc were roughly equivalent – then we would see an exciting fight. But for the past six years, Mercedes has had the best car. I would really like to see Max stay with Crimson Bull, but I understand if he wants to leave if he's with Crimson Bull and Honda for years 600 won't be able to fight for the title. This will be a very important year for them. “

Crimson Bull Chief Consultant Dr. Helmut Marko is convinced that there is a good chance that Max Verstappen will continue after the season 2020 remained their team racer.

“After Abu Dhabi we will sit at the table again and I think we have a lot of chances to have Max also withheld after flight 2020. It's no secret that you want to keep it. “

“I'm aware of all the speculation about my future, but this title has no bearing. I realize that I have to show mine on the track, and then we'll see what happens. “

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