Brawn: Abu Dhabi shows why F1 needs DRS


Formula One technical boss Ross Brawn is convinced that the failure of the server system, which prevented racers in the Abu Dhabi race from using the DRS system, proved that System 1, despite criticism, still needs a flexible rear wing system.

Drivers can only switch on the DRS at certain points of the line if they are less than a second behind the car. The crash of the data server caused racers to be unable to use the DRS system 17 in the last race of this season, causing many runners to overtake.

Ross Brawn thinks the events in Abu Dhabi are good evidence that the F1 DRS system continues to be needed.

“In the last race, DRS did not work nearly 20. laps and the lack of overtaking during this time just confirmed that current cars need this system. It is necessary to reduce the differences between the best and the pursuers, as this time only the top 3 teams traveled the entire length of the race, while the rest fell behind the whole circle. ”

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