Hamilton does not deny talks with Ferrari: It will remain closed


Lewis Hamilton did not deny the allegations made by the Italian media that he had already met with the President of Ferrari twice on the possibility of switching to Ferrari, adding that all options remained open for the time being.

According to the Italian newspaper Gazzeta dello Sport, Lewis Hamilton is expected to meet twice with Ferrari President John Elkanno twice this year about a possible British move to Maranella this season 2021.

Hamilton has a valid contract with Mercedes signed discontinuance at the end of next season, and there are rumors in Formula One that a six-time world champion might end his long and rich career behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

The British said of his talks with Ferrari:

“These things are going on behind closed doors and I do not intend to speak about it publicly. I am happy with Mercedes, but you should consider all the options that are offered to you. I will make a decision next year and we will see what happens. ”

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