(Motorsport-Total.com) – Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger believes that 2020 is a particularly important year for Sebastian Vettel could be, if he wants to fulfill the dream of the world title on Ferrari: “Leclerc is the youth, is the next skills,” says the current DTM boss in the interview with 'ServusTV' . Consequently, Vettel must “resist” against his attack.

Gerhard Berger

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Gerhard Berger on Monday recording the 'ServusTV' program Zoom Receive

“He clearly recognizes that with Leclerc he has a man in the crew against whom he has to pull all the stops, having to put into practice what he has learned at four World Cup races. For sure, this will be a tough race for next year, “says Berger

” The lad is fast, has already slept well, even a bit in the hearts of the Italians Sebastian has to attack properly next year. “

Berger plays with situations like Monza, where Leclerc threw all his callousness into the balance. First, with a not very clean tactics in qualifying, which prevented Vettel could go on his fast lap. Then with a hard maneuver against Lewis Hamilton, which secured him the much acclaimed victory of the Tifosi.

Ferrari have “two alpha animals” in the crew, the ten-time Colossal Prix winner analyzes: “The The advantage is that the lemon is squeezed out, which means that the technology is used to the last detail, the downside is that somebody has to manage it, but looking back, the successful groups have always done that. “


“Frank Williams has always driven the two fastest cars he has ever gotten in. Enzo Ferrari has always been careful to put pressure on number one and possibly make number 2 number one. “

Insofar as a Misfortune” nothing new, “says Berger.

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