Hiding the car behind the mobile barriers used by the F1 teams in the tests next year will be banned.

With this measure, System 1 wants to bring fans closer to F1 cars, which visitors will also be able to see in pre-season testing.

Carry out was now able to see the power of the new car solely on the track, with teams installing mobile bulkheads just before returning the racers to the garage, preventing any view of their new racing cars.

Any concealment of car racing will be banned in the coming year, and the FIA ​​wants to bring this testing measure further to the media and fans.

The FIA ​​thus decided:

“No display, hood or other obstruction that would in any way overshadow any part of the car will be permitted at any time in the garage, boxes or on the track, unless it is clear that such hoods are needed solely for mechanical reasons'

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