Marko Križman is a medical technician with extensive education, considerable person 29 years, is employed in Austria . F1 has been monitoring since 1994, more intensely than 1998. Marko is one of the best online racing drivers in Slovenia, who is breaking even higher in the world. She loves “fair” racing, precision, constancy, which is also seen in F1.

Marko, behind you is an extremely difficult and tense race in Monza. How would you describe it?

Monza, of course, is one of the traditional races with a permanent place in the calendar, which I look forward to. In accordance with the abilities at my disposal, I tried to prepare myself as best I could, and then went into the qualifications and then went into the race with a good feeling. I could say it is similar to feeling well prepared for a difficult exam, trusting yourself and knowing that you will pass it perfectly.

Before analyzing it, we touch on the whole championship. You are competing in Apex Online Racing or AOR, Division F3. So the third fastest group in the world of elite motorsport class. How did you get here? Where are your beginnings?

My beginnings could be debated for a very long time, because they go back to my childhood years. It started when I got my first computer for Communion, and next to the F1 1996 Kindly Racing game, all cease today. In the AOR, however, the path took me through the qualification cycle, which takes place twice a year and then, according to the results achieved, you are placed in a specific division. Last year, I was able to ride on the PC platform in the F2 league, and this year I switched to PS4 and ranked F3. The differences between, say, the first 100 drivers are minimal and, as a matter of reality, depend on the equipment you use and the time you are investing.

You started this season pretty much booked, resignation in Australia, then series 9 and 10. places. How do you see the first part of the season behind you?

Of course, open was not optimal, and I would attribute the blame for that to the internet connection that was blocking me in the first race. In the following races, I was involved in various situations where I was perfect for changing wings or changing my set strategy. However, when the connection does not cause major problems, the races can be very even and tense.

You were already close to the podium in the race in France, you won 4th place. What were you thinking after the race?

For me, racing in France has been a turning point for me in the season, as the course suits my driving style very much, which helps to keep the tires in the race itself. In fact, I was the last corner of the podium in the podium fight, but I was also satisfied with the fourth place.

After two 4th places and one 6th, it was Monza's turn on Sunday. Did you devote more training to this race?

I was preparing for the Monza race as I had done a few races before, with my good friend and excellent reys talent Michel Gabriel, Sebastian Lajkovich (winner of reys 2018 ) and Miho Kumrom. These guys are a great help and support to me, especially as far as developing strategies and “setup” so I would like to thank them very much for this opportunity.

You have also recently strengthened your team, which, while you are focused on racing, tells you the status of the race itself. How can a team help you more accurately?

In fact, my friend Michel, mentioned above, stands by my side during the races by monitoring the race and, in certain situations, communicating changes to the course, you might call it a strategist. His work was particularly strong in the last race.

Marko Krizman is a big fan of motorsport and Formula 1

It was at the last race that penalties were decided, the so-called penalty-song limits. You finished the race in third place with a partially broken wing, but still came in 1st place due to a penalty given to players Yoan and Pedro 99. What were your feelings after the race?

True, song-limits are a big topic in the F1 real competition as well. It is important to stay in a confined space and, if left, should not gain an advantage. In the second lap of the race I missed the first bend and drove straight, as did my team mate. We both received 5 seconds of punishment, which I served on a stop in boxing. Fortunately, I had a good rhythm behind this stop, I was able to gain a hole for 5 seconds and get to the top despite the broken wing. Of course, the feelings were mixed because I did not know exactly who was ending the penalty, but of course it was unique after crossing the finish line.

You said recently that during the race, you drink a liter and a half of water. Was there anything different in Italy?

True, I drink plenty of fluids, even when the race distance is 100% you can approach 1.5 liters of fluid, with an average of about half the AOR races.

There are 7 more races ahead of you, and you are extremely close to the best in the overall standings. What do you expect in the second part of the season.

Yes it's true. There are exactly 7 races left over, which means that 175 points are still open for drivers. At the moment, according to current calculations, I am 54 behind the first place that belongs to driver McLaren (Yoan). Since I have been able to compete with him in most races this season, of course I wish he would stay in the game as long as possible. Unpredictable races are coming as Sunday is Singapore, which for my notions is the most exhausting of the season. Then there are races like Brazil where we know the weather plays a big part, so I will try to get well prepared with my team and get the best of the last part of the season.

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