Former F1 racer Ticket Webber thinks lawful Sebastian Vettel will seek “professional help” before next season if he wants to get back on track 2020.

Based on Ferrari's preseason form, Vettel was considered to be Lewis Hamilton's first challenger in the Formula One World Cup in Melbourne.

The German season, however, was marked by mistakes and tensions with teammate Charles Leclerc, who eventually won a point match between the two Maranell team runners.

Many believe that the time of the four-time F1 World Champion has expired and that Leclerc has become the leader of the Ferrari team.

Vettl's troubles were commented on Channel 4 by his former teammate Ticket Webber:

“I think Sebastian has a career season ahead of him. We all know he is a fighter and a winner, but his armor is broken and now it will be lawful to listen first and foremost. Before the season starts, he needs to seek professional help to help him get back on the undercover rail agent. It was his worst season at Ferrari and he has a lot of work to do to get back to the top. ”

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