Former Ferrari chief spokesman Alberto Antonini suspects that rumors of Lewis Hamilton's transfer to Ferrari were sparked by Britain himself and his boss, Toto Wolff.

Recently, Italian media reported that Lewis Hamilton had met twice with Ferrari President John Elkanno in the last year about his move to Maranella.

Antonini doubts that Ferrari is behind the rumors:

In the past, Maranello had already visited Nico Rosberg, and Toto Wolff had also come to the talks, but this never came to the public. If these meetings are to be kept secret, this can be accomplished without major hassle. This time everything went public, and it probably suits someone. There is certainly no Ferrari behind it, which, after having problems with its racers, is reluctant to introduce further unrest into its ranks. One might think that Hamilton wants to raise the price by doing so, but I think it might be a maneuver that wants Hamilton and Toto Wolff to persuade Mercedes to stay in Formula One.

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