The FIA’s flagship annual FIA Prize Giving ceremony welcomes a third accomplice, as well to the prolonged-standing improve it receives from Correct Companions Rolex and Michelin. BMW, the German car manufacturer becomes the Correct Transportation Companion for the 2019 event.

International brands Rolex and Michelin had been partners of the FIA Prize Giving since 2013, and the FIA is joyful to hang their improve for the upcoming celebrations in the coronary heart of Paris, France, on 6 December.

Rolex, a pioneer in sports activities sponsorship, has been the Correct Timepiece of every the FIA System One World Championship and the FIA World Persistence Championship for a pair of years.

Michelin, one in every of the leading tyre producers on this planet, continues to be a accomplice of the FIA World Rally Championship, the FIA World Persistence Championship and the ABB FIA System E Championship.

BMW becomes the Correct Transportation Companion of the FIA Prize Giving for a second time, having beforehand supported the 2016 FIA Prize Giving held in Vienna, Austria.

FIA President Jean Todt mentioned: “The FIA Prize Giving on the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris will dwell a large yr of motor sport. We are grateful for the persisted improve of our partners, Rolex and Michelin, and elated to welcome merit BMW to our celebrations.”

In regards to the FIA Prize Giving

The FIA Prize Giving ceremony is one in every of the yr’s most anticipated occasions at some stage in the motor sport neighborhood. The FIA Prize Giving sees champions from every main branch of motor sport fetch collectively to win their estimable FIA awards. This yr’s event is hosted on the evening of 6 December at 6 p.m. in Paris for what’s crawl to be yet every other memorable social gathering.

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