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Kamui Kobayashi

23 aspects · 1 hour within the past

I don’t know where this ends however I toughen this relationship.

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Jackie Stewart

12 aspects · 1 hour within the past

Lando has been driving with a handicap the total season!! 2020 WDC confirmed!

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Carlos Sainz Jr.

18 aspects · 1 hour within the past

Here’s getting kinda original

stage 2

Properly I bet you hang now not the porn parody of these two …

Neither hang I however I sense a extensive disturbance within the ability and I realize or now not it’s accessible

stage 1

loving this bromance…. Lengthy are residing McLaren with this combo!!

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Robert Kubica

3 aspects · 48 minutes within the past

Hahahaha. Busted.

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Daniel Ricciardo

3 aspects · 38 minutes within the past


stage 1


3 aspects · 33 minutes within the past

When did McLaren ticket Zanardi?

stage 1

Nico Erik Rosberg

2 aspects · 10 minutes within the past

Carlos’ ‘Well agreeable evening sir’ went straight to my ovaries.

Can someone photoshop Lando into a model of ‘seize your fighter’ memes?

stage 1

-17 aspects · 1 hour within the past(0 young folks)

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