Hamilton: The vegan diet eliminated mood swings and abdominal pain.


Lewis Hamilton says that since his transition to a plant-based diet two years ago, his overall health has improved dramatically, but at the same time his vegan diet has not had any adverse effects on his racing form.

In an interview with Malaysian magazine The Edge , Hamilton described how he felt unwell before changed his diet.

“I cannot say in words how much better I feel. I used to eat all this stuff (meat and dairy), but when I woke up feeling cumbersome, I had mood swings and my energy levels would rise and fall throughout the day. I always had stomach problems and thought it was normal. “

Hamilton said he changed his diet after “meeting some new people who are vegans:

They showed me some things going on in our world that I completely forgot about. “

“It scared me,” Hamilton said.

He said the idea that athletes should eat meat for protein is wrong:

“I often notice on my Instagram that I need protein”

“This year I gained five pounds on a completely vegan diet. Thinking that meat is the only source of protein is completely wrong. I can train just as much and do as many reps, if not more, but at the same time I perform in races with a much purer “spirit”. “

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