Marko: Crimson Bull is ready to escalate protests against Ferrari


Crimson Bull Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko claims that Crimson Bull will continue to escalate protests against Ferrari during the offseason 2020 if the Maranell team raises suspicions of irregularities with its powertrain.

Marko was very dissatisfied with the decision of the FIA, which, after the Abu Dhabi race, did not decide to disqualify Charles Leclerc, but awarded Ferrari only a financial penalty.

In examining the Ferrari's car, the FIA ​​found a large discrepancy between the amount of fuel reported before the race at the Ferrari and the actual quantity measured in the Leclerc car. The mild punishment infuriated Mark, as he was convinced that Leclerc deserved to be disqualified.

'There are clear rules and such a sweet punishment is a big joke. It is about fairness, compliance with the rules and equal treatment of all teams. This year's season is over and that's why it doesn't matter, but we won't allow it in the year 2020. We are ready to escalate protests against Ferrari.

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