New sounds at Ferrari: Louis Camilleri praises Netflix series and Co.


( – Louis Camilleri is pleased with the Imaginative and Prescient that Liberty Media has for Formula One. The Ferrari chairman believes, among other things, that the Netflix series has greatly enhanced the image of Sports activities. While Ferrari, under his predecessor Sergio Marchionne, often disagreed with Liberty's long-term plan, Camilleri is much happier with the American approach

Louis Camilleri


Louis Camilleri is pleased with the ways that Liberty Media works Download gave an insight into the Formula 1, which never before existed. “Liberty is a US company, they want cooperation, and they've done a good job in that respect,” Camilleri says, adding, “They had a steep learning curve, they're doing well and made some wise decisions.”

“One example is Netflix, and many people were not interested in Formula One at all, but thanks to 'Force to Continue to exist,' they are now interested in the sport, which was a great one “I do not know if it had a great commercial value for them, but for image reasons and from the human point of view [war es wichtig].”

[war es wichtig] “Before , says the Ferrari chairman, declaring, “I hope that the human aspect will come back with the budget cap and the new technical rules [ab 2021], the younger generations want authenticity and a human connection. “

Ferrari and Mercedes did not participate in the first season of the Netflix series. However, because the documentary was such a success, both groups agreed 225148 that the streaming service was allowed to accompany them on selected weekends during the past season . In the new season they will also be there.

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