Sebastian Vettel vs Charles Leclerc

Ferrari's decision to bring young Charles Leclerc into his ranks last year after only a single season in F1 has raised a lot of dust in the Formula One caravan.

A good year after that, we already received some answers, as Leclerc had even more points than his renowned teammate Sebastian Vettl in the aggregate. Something that has never failed Kim Raikkonen in four years.

Ferrari had a plan from the start: Vettel will be the first racer while Leclerc will spend his first season behind the wheel of a red car to learn. Particularly in the first few races, young Monacan was repeatedly confronted with the situation when he was correct to lower his stakes on the Vettla track.


4 Charles


5 Sebastian



It didn't take long for Leclerc to fully domesticate himself with his car. He occupied pole space in Bahrain, and his first victory was prevented by a malfunctioning Ferrari engine. Vettel spun in the same race as he tried to keep Lewis Hamilton behind.

While the fight between the Ferrari racers was pretty even in the first part of the season, things began to change after the summer break when Leclerc discovered how to get the most out of his qualifying car. Monacan celebrated in Spa and Monza, while stopped in Singapore by Ferrari's strategy.

Leclerc impressed with his qualifying form, as he collected the most top starting positions this year, making seven.


Charles Leclerc

(-0 , )

Sebastian Vettel 9 ( 0,


While Leclerc's season is certainly not without its faults, Vettl's tendency is okay with unnecessary slips for Ferrari. One of the major mistakes was that the German afforded Monza when he negligently returned to the track after the rotation and collided with Lance Stroll.


Runner Laps in Race Leadership (Total) Circles in the race lead by the number of laps taken by the racer
Charles Leclerc 246 / 1262 ((19. 49%) 246 / 1156 (21. 28%)
Sebastian Vettel 160 / 1262 (12. 68%) 160 / 1178 (13. 58%)

With more experience under his belt, Leclerc will be the year 2020 for Vettl an even more dangerous opponent. Ferrari will be correct to find a solution to reduce the tensions that are inevitable for a Ferrari duo, no matter how much they deny the rivalry between them. This will make it all the more interesting if the red car fights for the World Cup title.