Despite the average season, Sebastian Vettel believes that he does not need major changes to improve his form, although he admits that in the year 2019 didn't show his best performances.

Vettel finished the season 2019 at a modest fifth place, and was far behind in his World Cup standings teammate Charles Leclerc.

Vettel acknowledges that the proper will show more in the coming year, but nevertheless believes that no major changes are needed to return to the top.

I didn't feel like I always did what I could. I think I already have enough in Formula 1 to admit it. I realize I'll be proper to do a better job. So I think there are things I can do better and I know I can do better. It’s all in the details, the small settings that ultimately make the decision. I don't have to drive otherwise. I did not forget to race and together with the team we need to develop a car that will maximize our potential.

I don't do the same things I did 10 years ago. I have evolved and I think for the better. Certainly there are things here and there that you always think you can fix. ”

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