Reputable Dutch F1 commentator Olav Mol is convinced that Daniel Ricciardo has not brought special added value to Renault, and as a result the French team is no better than he was before his arrival.

Renault entered the season after the arrival of Daniel Ricciard with great expectations, and the French team finished the year 2019, finishing in a modest fifth place in the Constructors' Championship at McLarn, who also races with Renault engines.

Former Formula 1 commentator on Dutch television, Olav Mol, is convinced that Daniel Ricciardo would also be able to show a little more.

“Being a clown of an F1 paddock is not enough. Other than his breakthrough in the spotlight in Brazil, he hasn't shown much throughout the season. I think the truth would be a little less crowded. It would be perfect to mature a bit and maybe hit the table several times when needed. ”

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