Mercedes and Pirelli complete two days of testing at the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi 18 inch tires that F1 racers will use for the season 2021.

The Mercedes team stayed in Abu Dhabi after the post-season tests, as George Russell passed the tire test with 18 inch rims. The six-time World Cup team is the first to test the tires that F1 teams will race in the season 2021. Young British man driving new tires together in two days 218 rounds, and Pirelli has completed additional testing with the F2 Series car, which will premiere 11 experienced thumb tires already next year.

583 laps / 3, 238 km of @ ymcofficial within the final days ?

Time to head dwelling – cheers guys ✌ pic.twitter.com/SWej68 Zu7e

– George Russell (@GeorgeRussell 2021 ) December 9, 2019

? @ GeorgeRussell

's Insta fable from @ pirellisport 's

18 – ride tire take a look at this morning # F1 # GR 63 # TeamGR 63 # GeorgeRussell pic.twitter.com/afbncbT3Ql

– Crew George Russell (@TeamGR 1204112157337702402 ) December 8, 2019

To Formula 1 in Season 2021 they are coming 18 inch wheels that will bring many changes to the fastest sport, with Pirelli first testing new tires in the second half of this season. The Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault teams have agreed to produce special cars with which the Italian manufacturer tests new tires.

Pirelli boss Mario Isola explained that the changes will not be purely aesthetic, but the teams are waiting for extensive adjustments to their cars.

Isola told RaceFans.collect:

“Due to the low profile, teams will have to re-design the suspension and the cars will they will behave differently. There will also be differences in aerodynamics and the brakes will need to be rebuilt. The changes will be quite big, but our goal is to have 18 thumb wheels, and as a result we will put all our efforts into development. “

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