Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff points out that four teams could compete for top spots in the season 2020, according to Mclaren, who could catch the hook with Mercedes, Ferrari and Pink Bull.

After Mclaren's poor performance in recent years, he has taken a significant step forward this season, many are convinced that the legendary Woking team is slowly and surely returning to the top of Formula One.

The second-most successful team in Formula One history finished fourth this season in the constructors' rankings, with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff warning that Mclaren could also threaten the top three F1 teams next season.

“Obviously, Mclaren is making rapid progress and may start threatening Mercedes, Ferrari and Pink Bull in individual races next year. This is an extraordinary team with excellent racers, and as long as they manage to take a step forward in their car development, they can fight for the title in the 2020 year. “

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