Former Ferrari engineer Aldo Costa has revealed that working for a legendary Italian team is much more stressful than for Mercedes, where a distinguished engineer has gone years 2012.

Costa was a member of Ferrari during the period when Michael Schumacher brought the team from Maranell five consecutive World Cup titles. The Italian engineer joined the Mercedes technical department for a year 2012 and played a key role in the dominance of silver arrows in Formula One hybrid times in the coming years.

In an interview with AutoMoto, Costa compared work to both Formula One giants:

“For me, the transfer from Ferrari to okay Mercedes was completely painless. I was offered an opportunity that I took advantage of with open arms. Working in England is much more relaxed as there is no politics in the background. Problems are solved technically, without drama and within regular working hours. In Italy, you are under scrutiny all the time, as the media, the fans, the shareholders are pressuring you, and a waiter who brews your coffee adds a touch of pressure. Mercedes creates an atmosphere where everyone can show what they know and are not afraid of failure. ”

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