Ecclestone: Formulation 1 should have two championships


Former Formula 1 owner and leader Bernie Ecclestone believes that in the fastest sport, it would be necessary to introduce an additional championship in which teams that are not at the same time constructors of their cars compete.

In an extensive interview with ESPN, the former Formula One boss has stated exactly what he would change in today's Formula 1 if he were still dragging all the threads of the fastest sport. For starters, Ecclestone is a pretty critical close-up of Liberty Media's approach, which seeks compromise on the future of F1 with teams.

“First, I wouldn't talk to the teams. It's like having a board and you don't need to make that decision, “ said Ecclestone.

Ecclestone also suggests that we should add a new World Cup to Formula 1.

I'd say: We're going to have two championships; One is the constructors 'world championship and the other is the teams' world championship. The World Cup would not be affected in any way, “continued Ecclestone.

“The design championship is for teams that make engine and chassis. So teams like Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.

“We would prepare a brand new car for the team championship – like a very sophisticated F2 car. If Honda decided not to be in F1 – or if Renault decided not to be a constructor anymore, they could make it to the team championship. We would use engines that are similar to the current ones, while keeping a single engine fair throughout the season. Teams would also get a spare engine, which could only be used if the original one was canceled – “

This would save you all these costs while also attracting new teams to operate with a budget of per year) . million dollars. ”

Bernie Ecclestone and seven crazy Formula One improvement ideas

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