(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has not only been a convinced vegan for several years, he also likes to talk about it . Finally, the British often doubt the diet and way of life. “I often see news on Instagram that says, 'I need my protein to build muscle,'” he reveals.

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But Hamilton knows that there are other ways: “I've gained five kilograms this year and I'm from 68 on

And that's not the only benefit of how the Formula 1 driver talks to ' Optionstheedge.com 'appeased. There Hamilton tells how he gradually weaned himself to consume animal products. “I grew up like everyone else and thought that dairy and meat are good for you,” he looks back.

More energy and more clear head thanks to veganism and they started to show me some of the things that happened in our world that I totally forgot, it scared me, I started to read about it and realized that the modified into once I was taught was not healthy. ”

From then on, the -Years his journey to vegan. First he drew red meat from the menu, then chicken and fish. “Until I was ready to fully commit myself, I wanted to feel for myself how big the difference would be,” he says. He finds it immense: “I can not put into words how much better I feel.”

Wrestle he used to be depressed, suffering from mood swings and stomach problems descend. “It's like going to the gym,” he says, describing the slow elimination of animal products from his life. He has clearer skin, a more stable energy level and a more focused mindset.

Vegan lifestyle is popular with many athletes

His menu today includes a smoothie, avocado, baked beans, fruit and occasionally mushrooms and sweet potatoes for breakfast. At lunchtime there is a mixture of salads with another smoothie or two. Served mostly with pan-fried vegetables, truffle puree and sweet potato fritters.

Lewis Hamilton: “Always an outsider”

. .. about his age (04): “I feel like a teen. I train a lot, I eat very healthy, I also try to live healthy and enjoyable and laugh every Designate at least once, but the most important thing in my life is my family and my faith. “ )

Occasionally, Hamilton also treats a burger, which of course comes from the vegan stand-up and burger restaurant called Trim Burger, “People still like fast food, but now they at least know that there are other ways,” he explains the vegan Quite quite a lot of.

And he is far from alone. Other big names, including many athletes, have sworn off animal products. The documentary “The Game Changers”, in which apart from Hamilton Arnold Schwarzenegger mainly intervenes, and Jackie Chan and Novak Djokovic participated as producers, is a testimony of this.

Hamilton Ambassador for Sustainability

I'd love to be a part of it, I'm a big fan of Arnold and I watched his training programs, his career was incredible and it was really amazing to see how his perception and perspective changed over time, “explains Hamilton.

In this context, the Formula 1 World Champion is also important to draw attention to the topic of animal abuse. On the social web, he often shares cruel images from the meat industry or poaching. “It makes me see modified into once it happens and I do not understand how people can close their eyes to it.”

Hamilton knows, “People do not always like that, modified into once I post, but it's alright, even if they do not follow me, I want them to see it, a lot of it is not part of the news, there are corporations and companies that are only interested in their greed. ” He wants to use his range to create awareness for it.

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